Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottontail....

We had a great Easter!! Will went on a fabulous Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Christy's and had a lot of fun pilfering through his Easter Basket...which included some Easter Sharks. :)

Will and Grandma Christy! Thanks grandma for the darling Easter outfit!

Will and Gigi (great grandma;))

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will Update

Santa Barbara ZOO....
Reading Madeline with Dad.....

Running along the Bridge at his favorite park.
It has been forever since I have posted, I know. Will changes and grows daily and I thought I would give an update on how our "Muffy" is doing to those dear family and friends who don't get to see him often or hear me or Blaise brag about him. :) The picture on top was taken at the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend. Will, instead of calmly walking from each caged animal to the next, ran like a banshee screaming "Look at that!" or "I see it (turtle, giraffe, sting ray..)" His enthusiasm was so contagious that a fellow zoo goer exclaimed "That kid should have his own show!" We had so much fun we ended up buying a year pass....

*Severe Parent Bragging Warning*

Will can now count from 1-10, he knows several colors, he can sing many songs-twinkle twinkle, itsy-bitsy spider, familes can be together forever, once there was a snowman, i am a child of God, popcorn popping...and more.

He is obsessed with all things aquatic and can point out and tell you what a mola mola, Gobi fish, damsel fish, hammerhead shark, GREAT WHITE shark, anemone, sting ray and squid is and many more (thanks to Grandma Christy who has been a great feeder to his Shark Frenzy).

Some of his favorite expressions are..."What on Earth" "Touchdown" "Target (the store) Hooray!" "Get in the hole!! (golf channel)" "I can do it" and "I love you so much!"

We try to keep his interests varied as we can only stand talking and reading about Sharks and Whales so much. He enjoys kicking and throwing the ball around at the park, watching football, golf and soccer on TV. Will also reads books and makes eels and sharks out of play dough.

Favorite foods are Pizza, oatmeal, cookies, apples and blackberries.

Will is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses as well has high fives and knuckles.
Will even helps Mom keep her eye on the road. About a week ago I was driving down the street and looked down at my Blackberry that was on my lap (a BIG NO NO) and as I was looking back up, Will exclaimed "Scary, Watch Out!" and a mail truck pulled in front of us! Needless to say, i no longer touch my Blackberry while out on the road and Will got a cookie when we got home. :)
We have told Will about our new addition coming this summer and he seems luke warm to the idea. Maybe if we name the new baby "Shark" ?